leupold 35x target scope?

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Apr 11, 2002
I am almost at the point of purchasing my long range rig. will likely be the Rem Sendero 300rum. now thinking of a scope. looked at a leupold 35x target at a local gunshop. great scope. I have heard of mirage problems. when does this happen? what are experiences with this scope. is this too powerful? or...also considering the leupold 6.5-25x long range.
also...what type of reticle? target dot, cross hair, mil dot?
any info regarding these scopes will be very helpful

I would stay away from the 35X if your using the rifle for a longrange hunting gun.

Way To much mirage when the sun warms the ground even for the 1000 yard benchrest shooter. 20X to 24X is the "most used" power for 1000 yard compititions.

The 8 1/2X to 25X Leupold LR with cross hair Dot or even duplex would be my choice on that rifle.


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so what is the 35x and up leupold used for? how far can a scope be used without worrying about mirrage.

just seems to me that mirrage is always there during heat. how does backing off on scope power help this? aren't you still looking through the mirrage?

this is very interesting.
the higher fixed powers are mainly benchrest guns, they also use looooong mirage tubes. Used in hunting situations a variable might be better suited or if using a fixed power 10 or 16x I prefer my NXS 5.5 - 24 X 56, I can use the lower power to aquire game (target)easier, then turn it up to a suitable power if needed.
Several years ago I put a Leupold 24x BR scope on a longrange varmint rig. Although the scope worked great at the range while working up loads, it really was a poor choice for use in the field.
The mirage was only one of the problems that I noticed. Target aquisition became a big problem too. I was often able to see distant targets with my naked eye but had great difficulty in aquiring them through the scope. This caused me to loose shot opportunities that would otherwise have been routine.
Final problem that I noticed was when an animal was spotted in the shadows. With a good pair of binos or a spotting scope I had no problem locating the target but when I looked through the 24X scope it was too dark in the low light areas to be CERTAIN of the target, if it could be seen at all. More critters lost

In the end, I replaced the 24x with a Nightforce 12x42x56. 99% of the time I shoot longrange with the scope still set on 12x where I normally leave it.

Resolution and light gathering ability is FAR more important than magnification IMO.
The only one who really appreciated the 24x scope on my rig was the groundhogs that got away.


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The 35x is way too much for hunting purposes. As another post stated, target acquisition would be nearly impossible. I had the straight 24x Leupold and it was nearly useless in the field. I would see game with binos or even the naked eye but couldn't get the scope on it. Also, the fine reticle of target scopes can be very dificult to see in low light or if the target is in the woods/brush/grass.
Go with a variable power, keep it set low for acquisition and turn up as needed. For hunting I prefer the duplex.
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