Leupold 6.5-20X40mm EFR Target scope



I am new to this long range shooting game and was looking into setting up a rifle. I noticed that the Leupold 6.5-20X40mm EFR Target model was much less expensive than the other target models but it says that it is ideal for Air Rifles and Rimfire calibers. Does this mean that it can only be put on an air rifle or a rimfire caliber or could it be put on a 7mm rem mag?

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
there a good scope @ a good price. only diff with the EFR is it has the 50ft adaptor on the front. had one on my 22-244AI and shot 1000yds with it for a year until i upgraded to NF.
80grSMKS and 48.5grs RL22 . great success using that load on both of our guns. you have same cal?
Not exactly - I'm shooting a 22-243AI and am always looking for new data.

I have fired extremely tight groups with H870 and the Sierra 80gr HPBT but could not fit enough powder into the case for good velocity.

Currently using 48.2gr RE22 behind a 75gr A-Max (moly) which is loaded .007" into the rifling. Its wicked on groundhogs.

yes, soon as i get some new brass will try the amax . shot the 75's last summer in 22-284, did a wonder on the chucks we got. where you located?
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