WTK: Value of Leupold 24X Target Scope


May 25, 2003
San Antonio
I have an older Leupold 24X target scope that has never been mounted on a gun and I don't have a gun to put it on. I want a scope that is a little more suited to mounting on my M-14 and would like to sell the tareget scope. How much is one of these worth? Pretty much the only guys who use them are the guys shooting those Rem 40X target rifles right? Thanks guys.
A new 24X is approx. $550. Used 24X and 36X are being sold on eBay for $400-$500. You can do a search for "Leupold scope" on ebay and see for yourself.
Think you will find that they only sell for around $300 for the used 36x and $250-300 tops for the 24x. My last one paid $225. Probably advertise it for $300 and be prepared to negotiate, better try for a swap on something you really want.

Well the scope that I have is not really been used. I got it in the box, and unused. The box was falling apart from handling but the scope has never been mounted. I put it in my safe and haven't used it because I have no Bench rifles. Where do you guys think i should advertise it? Ebay or here? I am pretty much just into class 3 stuff and have no expierience with the target stuff. Thanks, Pete
put it on eBay and get better price for it. Keep in mind that eBay does take about 4% from the total sale but you will still get much better pricing in an auction style sale. Put a "reserve" on it so if it doesn't meet your minimum, you won't have to sale except pay eBay about $5.
Thanks for all your help guys. I put it on Ebay with a buy it now price of 345.00. It sold almost instantly so I guess I could have gotten more for it. I knew somebody out there had a use for the thing. Thanks again.
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