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Mar 5, 2010
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Would like to hear from guys who have called in fox on a regular basis.

A farmer called and said he has a very large population on his land. I have called in a few over the years but was targeting coyotes. I want to be a little more prepared so would like to know what methods you guys have used to put fur on the ground.

What types of distress calls, fox vocalization, decoy or not?

I have Wildlife Tech E-caller (includeds fox sounds) as well as hand calls.....

No one seems to want to talk fox.:rolleyes:

Back in the day I used the same rabbit distress calls that I used for yotes.

Called them at night and used a shot gun.

No fox around here for more recent information.:rolleyes:
I snagged 3 fox this year all at night, but none of them were called in so sorry no good calling tips. My only advice is that I see foxes out well after dark several times a week but I have only seen probably 3 in my life in the daylight. Calling at night would be a good bet! Also, it's been my observation that they stick to the same small area night after night for extended periods of time so if you see one, try that spot the next night.


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Fox calling and shooting at night is a major sport in the UK thousands of foxes are called using squeaks by sucking the back of your hand.
Wigeon calls work realy well any type of mouse squeaker 2- 12gauge cartridge bases pushed together after cutting off the plastic and blown through dont forget to take out the primers.
Fox Pro do a good amount of calls for foxes some good some bad.
If I can help anymore please shout.
Take 2 empty 12 guage cartridge cases push out the primers trim back the plastic until you only have the metal bases left turn one of them over until the open ends are facing each other and push together with a bit of fiddling one should slide into the other place in a vice and push together until they are solid.
Now place mouth over the end and blow it will whistle I have called many a fox with this method it might take a bit of adjustment to get the right note.
So whats new I get them all the while I was going out driven pheasant shooting last Saturday morning dressed in a full classic shooting suit complete with brouges long socks plus 4's and waistcoat the postman fell about laughing and asked if I was going to a fancy dress party at 8 in the morning.
I've gotten their full attention with a PeeWee mouth call blowing out towards the tip ..
But have never called one in from distance e that I could see. Several guys I've met say they come to rabbit distress calls.
Sometimes they will come to a call sometimes they wont.

Any animal distress call works if they wont come wait a couple of minutes and try a differant call, only experiance will make it easier.

If you are using a lamp make sure you shoot and kill the fox because if you don't the next time you put a lamp on it it will leave in a rush.

Ok, how does one get some volume of of that gizmo.

Tried both ways, removal of primer cup and only the primer leaving the primer.

Ended up stuffing a "high brass" 20 gauge into the 12 gauge.

Got a very faint "tone"/"Note"

Having fun though!!!:)
I have called in many fox, not much different than coyote but they are usually more suspicious and will nearly always try to get down wind of you. Rabbit distress or kitten distress was my best call. They will come in from a long way if they can hear you, even a mile away.
I will give it a shot. Cant hurt to try rabbit distress and go from there. Would be nice to get a few after dark as well. Thanks for the info.
We have woodpeckers and Canadian Grey Jays here year round. Seems to me where a fox has a smaller stomach than a yote that a fox would come to a distress call from a smaller meal than a yote would.

Aparlantly Arctic fox on the north slope and further north only come to a lip squeek. . The theroy is that's the distress sound of a lemming or whatever those rodents are up there.
maybe it will give u some more calls to try. Bird sounds that is
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