lets see some LR rifle pics!




Above is Suarez Rifle chambered in 22-244AI, 8-32x NF br, hart barrel with brake, jewell trigger, mcmilla stock-weight is 16.5lbs she shoots 80grSMKS @ 3550fps!


Above is Suarez Rifle chambered in 6.5x284 , 12-42x NF br, hart #7 with brake, jewell trigger, Sinclair f-class stock, weight is 19.75lbs- still brakin in the barrel


Above Rem 700 VS in .308win , badger installed bolt knob, ken farrell base with leup qrw rings, eagle stock pack , tasco super sniper 10x side fous. stock as since been coated in flat black teflon- shoots nice little bug holes with 178gr AMAX's

Lets see some rifles!!!

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Here is my 300 WM with an Ops Inc. brake. Leupold M1 4.5 x 14 scope with Badger rings and IOR base. Badger bolt knob installed. Shilen trigger set to 2.5 lbs.

Shoots sub MOA even with me at the helm.



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Killer stuff, guys!! I wish I could post some pics.

Corbett, is that a Sendero.300WM??

Jordan, outstanding rifles!!..sakofan..
Not long range but just blooded LB on Saturday. We got 21 chucks.

Here's my base for a LR rifle and started out with new rings, 20moa base and a good scope. I plan on shooting out this 308 barrel and then getting a Rock or Kreiger installed on it. By that time I should have a better understanding of the caliber.

I'm not sure this picture will come through. I am not sure how to post pictures at this site. Anyway, the 10/22 is good to 150 yards. Not long range perhaps, but it is for me. The 308 has a Leupole 4.5X14 30mm tube, 50mm objective, with mildot. Good to 1000 yads with 175smk over 44 gr of Varget. The 300 win mag is a Sendero, and does OK to 1200 yards with 165 gr Scirocco over 79 gr of R22. It has a 4X16 Sightron with mildot. I am very happy with this scope. The 22-250 has a 6.5X20 Nikon. I don't shoot over 700 yards with it. The adjustment are supposed to be 1/8 inch but are more like 3/16. I resorted to white tape around the turret and marked it in yardages. Black for first revolution, blue for second revolution, and red for third revolution of turret.
good looking rifle guys. always a treat for me to see some rigs. btw thanks sako
Darn Skinny, that is wild!! I got the email. Thank's. Loudenboomer!!! Is that German?? hehehe

Great pics guys. Skinny Shooter just sent me a email for helping me post some pics. Now, I just need to get in the groove and buy a digital camera...LOL...sakofan..
Here's mine:
Rifle: Savage 10FP .308 cal. 24" Barrel with accutrigger
Stock: Bell & Carlson Duramaxx, bedded with Acra-glass
Scope: Sightron 4x16x42AO Tactical Mildot
Scope Base: Farrell 20MOA
Scope Rings: Tactical Precision Systems TSR-W
Homemade anti-cant level
Harris "S" 6"-9" bipod

In it's evil black dress


And after I painted it


Don't laugh at the camo job guys, it's my first one.

I just love pictures. I will have to post one of my remi. Its not fancy but what the heck. I'll have to get some time to get with Gonehuntingagain as my digital camera has quit working right.

Huntin 1. That camo job looks fine with me. It would fit right in with the desert sage where we hunt.

Didn't it hurt just a little spraying that first shot of paint on such a nice looking rifle though?
4ked Horn,

Yeah, it did hurt, I went back and forth on whether or not to do it for about 2 weeks before I plunged ahead. Then after I sprayed the base coat I almost changed my mind again. I'm happy with the way it turned out, in the pic it's a little shiny, I have since used real fine steel wool and taken the shine of. And even better than looking good, it shoots good too. Two weeks ago I shot a 3 round group at 200 that measured .4" the final 2 rounds opened it to .8", I should have quit at 3.

I need to get a new picture. I recently reparkerized it and I got another cammo heavy stock for it too. I know some of you guys got me out classed with your bolt rifles but this one can hold it's own to 1000 yards. One identicle to it served me well in the service and this one has been my favorite and most used rifles for about 13 years now. I just wish I could find some more wild hogs to use it on. These prairie dogs are getting boring.
Oh I put a Douglas 6 groove 1-10 heavy barrel on it and it's bedded and weighted for some awsome prone long range shooting. It's pretty heavy but worth every pound. I use 168 coated barnes X bullets and a Homemade 173 lead cast silhouete bullet from an RCBS mould. Yes I even use that one for long range targets. So far I've made it fly to 600 but that's it. SO FAR.


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Here's my G-A Precision 308 Win (M40A1 sort of)


Here's the G-A Prec 300 WSM,A5 "bear blaster/swamp diver"


I can't find a handy picture of Gumby, sorry.

Here are 4 of mine---
front --.308 Win
second--.308 Win
third---.300 Ultra
back---.300 Tomahawk

These two are both .300 Win Mags...
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