Krieger Barrel Questions


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Dec 11, 2009
Sometime in the future I'm going to have a 300 RUM rebarreled to either a .338 or another .30 cal. Was wanting to go with a Krieger and ventured to their website. 28 weeks for a barrel!! Wow!! If I ordered one tomorrow, would it come earlier, 28 weeks from now, or am I calling people at 36 weeks wondering where my barrel is? Also, are the prices on their website for everybody or just gunsmiths/dealers? Thanks. This will be the next chapter for me!
Call Brunos shooters supply and get one from him. If he doesn't have one in stock, he will probably have one coming in, he is the largest Krieger barrel dealer in the US. His last order was for a 1000 barrels. I got my Krieger from him.
The ones I've ordered have never taken longer than they told me. I ordered one a couple of weeks ago and they gave me a ship date of April 5, 2013. I expect it will be shipped no later than then. The prices on their website are what you will pay. They usually add about $20 for shipping to mine.
If you are sold on Krieger, I agree Bruno is best option for quick delivery and reasonable choice. I did run across closeout of 338 Krieger at Midway recently. I like my Krieger barrels, and they seem great in 338 in particular. Even so, I like Lilja best overall, and have had great luck with them in the 30 cals. They are usually right on schedule in the couple month range for getting exact barrel you want.
I have a brand new Krieger on my latest 270 Win I just received days ago. Here's the thing, if you are absolute on a Krieger, order it and wait for however long it takes or use a supplier as mentioned.

BUT, choosing an Obermeyer, Rock, Brux, or Bartlein would serve you very well.
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