Knight KP1's???


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Jun 26, 2009
Arkansas Delta
Ok. I have been jonesin for a new toy and have come across some new Kp1's for cheap. The choices are 45/70, 270, and 30/06. I have been wanting a brush gun for woods hunting, so I am leaning toward the 45/70, but the 270 is also a consideration.

My question is...Has anyone shot one of these and what kind of accuracy can be expected with handloads and/or factory? General pro's and con's?

I appreciate your thoughts.

I too recently picked up a couple kp1's . I havent had alot of range time yet but they seem to be forearm pressure sensitive like most break open rifles.I have spent some time with a 308 kp1 . I like the handling and looks of the gun. I worked on the trigger some to get it to a managable pull& feel. Scope mounts seem to be very limited, I installed a dednutz mount on mine. the 308 seems to group ok if you can keep the forearm pressure consistent. More time will tell if its a keeper or another singleshot that I wil grow tired of working with.
Thanks for the post. I ordered one in 45-70. I got it on Gunbroker for $212.00 new. At that price, I can't get hurt too bad.

Are the triggers adjustable? I thought that I read that they were not and had alot of creep due to the transfer bar.

Let me know how things turn out.

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