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May 8, 2004
Thanks to the help of all the guys here and especially Pete Lincoln, I think I am going to go for a SWS2000 ULV based rifle Intergral picatinny rail (is part of the action). McMillan stock, Sako mag conversion. Lothar Walther match grade barrel. TiAIN or Nitrate  finnish, jewel trigger. Calibre Rem 260. S&B 5-25 PMII Scope.
This set up will mainly be for Target.
Just thinking to myself lately I didn't really have a clue about rifles except a lot of bull I was fed from the gun shops here in Ireland to learning a lot (and am still learning) and hopefully ending up with a gun that I hope will do me for many years. Without the advice of guys like yourselves I would have been ripped off and have ended up with a gun not really suited to my needs. Thank you all again for your help and long live LRH.

Kindest Regards

Seems like a good choice to me. A couple of small thoughts, one is to get a minimum spec chamber (think its all CIP).

Second is to consider 6.5x55, I think the SWS 2000 may be available in that but would need longer Sako mags (TRG 42 .300 Win Mag). It is the same performance as .260 Rem but has a longer neck so seating long bullets above the shoulder/neck junction is not a problem avoiding donut issues. It has a 26 degree shoulder and mainly good Lapua brass is available. I would try to spec a minimum spec chamber/throat with it though as normal 6.5x55 COL is 80mm. Also a .296"-.294" diameter neck would be nice. My last Blaser in it had a .297" neck. (The neck diameter goes for .260rem or 6.5x55 a long throat in .260 is good so long as you can feed from the mag and seat into the lands, I think the Sako (TGR 22) mags have a 75mm COL).

If you go .260 rem. try the Norma 7-08 brass and neck it down.(no additional kit required) I did not do that I went 243 Lapua, necked it up, turned it etc, had I had known the Norma was availabe I would have tried that first.

Take what I say for what it is worth, the 6.5x55 I have had experience with, the .260rem I went with because I had no choice with the action, I am also still waiting for the rifle so the only thing I can comment on is the case prep with it which I have done.

Last small thought, get a set of Redding Competition dies.

Hope it helps,

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