Is it safe??


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Feb 12, 2004
Is it safe to shoot a gun that has been threaded for a muzzle brake without the muzzle brake installed? There looks to be plenty of thickness still. It is a 7mmwsm. thanks
Yes, I do it all the time with my Mdl 10 Savage in .308. But watch out for banging those very fine threads on something. You WILL regret it. So I have a thread protector on mine. But COULD just as well use NOTHING on the end.
Good shootin!!!

I had a thread protector made for one gun, Just to be darned sure the threads don't get dinged. A couple others, that are generally only shot off the bench, I just unscrew the brakes and go for it.

If the protector weighs different than the brake, your POI may change when the protector is on. POI may also change just from removing the brake. Then again, it may not on your rifle. Just double check it to make sure.
I shoot my STW with the brake off, and no thread protector. I don't have a protector, so I think I'm going to put either tape around it or a piece of black rubber tuning to protect the threads on an upcoming moose hunt.

The impact changes about 4-5 inches on some loads between having it on and off.
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