IOR Binocs?


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Jul 14, 2004
Which would you guys recommend IOR 10x/40 binocs or Windriver 8x/40's?

I'm really interested in trying the IOR's but I'm also not sure if 10x is going to be too much magnification for extensive glassing in Western Montana/Idaho.

Any other recommendations for a pair of quality binoc's under $500? I'm just too hard on gear to pay much more than that.

Right now I'm using a pair of military surplus Fujicon 7x/ 50's. Good glass but way too heavy.

Finally, how do I learn how to use a military range finding recticle?

Thanks guys, love the site.
It depends on where you will be glassing. If you will be in wooded areas where you will not be able to see more than a few hundred yards, then the 8x would be better, if it is wide open country, then the 10x would be better. I personally use 12x50 binocs for the open spaces here in southern Idaho for looking for deer, rock chucks, coyotes, etc. In many places here, I can look miles away for animals.

I'm sure someone will chime in on the military rangefinder reticle - I have no clue on that.

good luck.
i use 10x40 leitz trinovids.clear,sharp,light
these are usually available on e-bay for $400-500.make sure they are the german ones/old style.i find a good spotting scope to be a valuable aid here in idaho.
on tonight e-bay #3856968861

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I have a pair of IOR 8x40 that has seen many years of hard use. They have never fogged or given me any trouble. They are solidly built, and weigh accordingly. That said I prefer a 10x for the hunting I do here in central CO. My most used bino's are a pair of 10x25 Zeiss Victory's I bought last year. 9oz.
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