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Jan 17, 2021
Hello all,

I am happy to join this group and have already perused the forums and found good discussion threads.

currently the happy owner of Winchester Model 670 which oddly enough has serial number that dates to 1949. im not sure but I think it dates to when the fire occurred and imguessing they used old military surplus? ive been Very pleased with this rifle since every deer I have shot with it has been put down instantly. I have see thru mount on weaver rails with an SWFA SS 3-15-42. its A very good deer rifle. Originally had a 13” pull so I bought a walnut stock from Boyd’s and it’s a stellar rifle. longest shot so far 349 yards so that’s probably not far in terms of 1000 yards shooters, but I was happy with it.

Also have the Winchester model 70 300 win mag and Winchester model 70 7mm mag. both with Mauser style bolts. Looking forward to optimiazing these rifles and running some designed experiments with longer range. 7MM MAG equipped with Rails and see through scope mounts and SWFA SS 3x15x42 ... But I am shopping for one more scope 3x15x42 SWFA also. Although been eying up a 5x20 SWFA SS as an alternative and stacking that on the 300 win mag.

before I start experimenting with ballistic loads, I wanted to do a study with all three rifles with out of the box ammo. I have 30 years of process and systems engineering background with a degree in physics so I love the math and physics side of it all. The Miller formula is my friend. But so far I’m not correcting for anything but windage... though elevation will come into play if I hunt at higher elevations :) and so far shooting whitetail puts meat in my freezer. I’m happy with that but an elk, sheep, goat, or mule deer are species I haven’t hunted yet but hope to in the future.

I’d like to learn more about reloading and found some great stuff here. Since I’m just getting started in reloading too, looking forward to learning more and developing a process with skills progressing to the point where I have my rifles zeroed and I know with high degree of confidence my capability and accuracy ... hopefully getting it down to a half an MOA at various ranges. So I’d like to optimize the bullet and powder and see just how tight of group I can get with these rifles.

im interested in competitive shooting at the right time. But I don’t know if there are competition with win model 70’s ... I think that would be fun and challenging. might take a couple years.

nuff about me, lookin forward to metting others and learning as much as I can.

Yours respectfully,

jeff the “ahhdioguy”

ps ... I am a musician and songwriter too hence ahhdioguy nick name.
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