Interior ballistics



OK, my understanding of load developement is that you're trying to hit the "sweet spot" of barrel whip when developing a load. That is that the barrel is at or near the outside of a whip when the bullet leaves the barrel. Correct?
With that in mind, let's say you want a given bullet to leave the muzzle at a certain velocity. Would it be reasonable to build stepped charges to work up to that (safe) velocity and then build loads with stepped seating depths untill you find the sweet spot?
I have 2 rifles that are shooting their best groups with loads that I would consider a little too hot. My thinking is that I could back the charge off to a more standard velocity and step seating depths to find the sweet spot again. Where possible (one has lots of freebore) would you start into the lands, build up your velocity and then back off of the lands? What increments would you use and how much velocity loss would you anticipate as the pressure generated by being seated into the lands is relieved?
For the rifle with all the freebore, how far would you extend the seating depth for a 3% velocity drop?
I realize that load developement is half the fun of shooting, but when you're talking $30 for 50 bullets and you have to mail order them I take all the shortcuts I can!
Thanks for any and all input, Jeep
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