Interesting Zeiss / Leica rangefinder comparison

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    Dec 28, 2010
    I recently ran down to Sportsman Warehouse in town. I wanted to compare the Leica 1000 to the Zeiss 8x26 T PRF. The gentleman behind the counter accidentally brought two of the Zeiss ( One Lotu Tec, One without) and the Leica 1000. The were both really impressive outside. Was able to range people walking across the mall parking lot at 775 plus yards. They were both very quick. I was pretty set on buying the Zeiss before I got there. There was a problem. The two Zeiss that my buddy and I were ranging at the same time had a pretty significant difference. There was a difference of 42 yards at 414. 57 yards at 598 at 91 yards at 975. Yes we were standing side by side. Most of the ranges were buildings etc. Can anyone explain. It really put a coark in me purchasing the Zeiss. Now I am leaning towards the Leica. Wish they would have had two Leica 1000 to see if there was a difference. They were both on same settings etc. Again standing side by side ranging the exact object. I AM WAY CONFUSED on why there would be that much of a difference. I could understand a few yards but this??????????The one Zeiss without Lotu and the Leica were within a few yards at all distances.
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    One unit was set to meters. 1m=1.093 yard. 975 x1.093=1065, 1065-91=975lightbulb
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    You should use the metric rangefinder if you're shooting metric designated cartridges, like 7.62x51 NATO. Use imperial units, (yards) when shooitng inch designated cartrdiges, like the 308 Winchester. Otherwise it may bocome confusing.