Idaho selway unit

My brother and I hunted Selway last year for elk. We primarily hunted 16A and 20. This is just my $.02 but my brother and I are pretty solid hunters and this was one of the most desolate places we’ve ever hunted.* (notice the asterisk)

Our father was with us so we stayed at Red River Hotsprings which was cool and I recommend but it’s is a long drive to get back into the unit. We hunted hard for a few days. We tried to hunt 1-3 miles from roads to get away from other hunters and we saw literally NOTHING. No sign, fresh or old, deer or elk… virtually no animals at all in some of the best looking country we’ve hunted. Finally we bit the bullet, loaded up daypacks and went deep. 5 miles in, all the sudden, there was sign and the deeper we went, the more we saw. We walked 16-18 miles that day and realized we were just not setup correctly for the hunt. Ideally you’d have horses, at very least, you’ll want a solid backpack camp setup. There is so much deep wilderness with no road access, there is little reason for animals to be closer to humans.

Again, just my thoughts.

I hunted the Selway last fall, I had never stepped foot there before. I shot a small bull the second day I was there. I ran into an outfitter on horse back as I was walking in, he told me there were no elk in the area. I shot my bull 2 days after he told me that. My advice might sound generic, but glass and walk the south facing slopes for sign. I found fresh scat on a ridge top meadow and then shot mine 500 yards away as it was feeding its way up. There were wolf tracks in the snow on the trail as I was packing out, never heard them howl though.
where there is wolf tracks/wolves there will be game wolves dont stay in an area when game isnt present