Idaho Unit 49


Jun 21, 2010
Got lucky enough to draw an elk tag for unit 49 in Idaho... However I don't have alot of experience hunting elk in this area. Anyone ever ventured over in that area? Im gonna head to Ketchum for a couple days here in a couple weeks to start doing some scouting but it would be nice to have a few places to start. Thanks
PM me. I can give you my phone number and I'll point you in some very good directions. My fee for this would be a backstrap...............:D
Congrats on 49---you will have a hoot but you gotta be able to hike.

I have the same tag going to scout the last week of september I will let you know what we find. We are packing in with mules and horses to get away from some of the people. Good luck
Was in 49 last weekend scouting seen a lot of bulls lot of elk period I did not get lucky enough to draw a tag PM me and ill let you know where been hunting that unit 20 years should do well
So was I we scouted from thursday to sunday. Spotted several in the shooter bulls. We are packing in on the 13th and be there until the 25th or everyone tags out. Saw the outfitter packing out archery hunters but no antlers.
How our hunt went. I shot my bull basically out of camp. 523 yard shot 230 grain berger hybrid target bullets out of my 300 ultra. My friend shot his buck at 75 yards right off the trail. I shot my bull an hour into the season my friend shot his buck the next morning.


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Pack wasn't to bad we had six pack mules we used to pack in. Decent amount of elk. Saw people everyday one group would ride in there had to be 10 or 12 of them. Lower country had a crowd not even a spot to pull off the road.
That's to be expected down low. Did you guys have to pack in very far before you stopped seeing the crowds? We were in unit 18 this year and we had to go in at least 3 miles before you could breath. It was very crowded. They gave out a bunch of extra cow tags in unit 18, they say because there are too many elk. What a complete joke. Far more likely it's for $$$$ because the back country has taken such a hit up here from the predators. It's pretty frustrating. Anyways, you guys did great job and it looks like you had a really good time.
I had a unit 18 deer tag in 2012 I never saw and over abundance of elk even late in the season. Guy I know had the elk tag last year and the heavens gate outfitter tried to run them out of where they were hunting. It was way to crowded. Couple camps packed out of windy saddle to the breaks of the snake. My friend and I didn't see much for bucks. I missed a mid 170 buck late in the season.
As far as 49 we only packed in 5 miles it could be hard to find a spot if to many people were in there though. You could go farther and probably not see a single person. Terrain is easier to hunt than 18 that is for sure but the elevation is pretty high. If you get rain or snow the road up to the trailhead would be a challenge with horse trailers. Fun hunt but not going to shoot a monster bull.
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