Unit 18 Idaho


Dec 7, 2007
Any of you guys lucky enough to get a bull tag get one of the toads in sheep creek? Saw a couple very large bulls gathering cows this fall but didnt have a tag, thought I would see if anyone had any luck.
Anybody even know where 18 is lol, thought I would get at least one person.

Used to spend a lot of time in unit 18 and 22. mainly in Deep Creek Granit Creek and on the Snake River side of Horse Heaven which is right at the top of West Fork of Rapid River just to the south of the Seven Devils. Would get into that country from the Snake River side up the Oxbow drainage horseback.

Sheep Creek does not ring a bell for me but 18 has a bunch of drainages in it. You are right there are some dandy bulls there in that country. There is also a good gene pool for large non typical bucks on the border between 18 and 22.
I hunt unit 18 shot my first elk just below iron pjone a zillion years ago
My daughter shot her first whitetail near the kirkwood corals two years ago and her bear at bean creak saddle this year
Had a elk tag with her 3 years ago got a bull to bugle us about 200 yrads out
while playing hide and seak with him some flat lander walked straight in trying to find him and he ran.\my buddy got a nice muley two years ago
I like hunting up there but its preaty rough as well
There we go, now we are talking. Glad at least you two guys know what Im talking about.

Kceebj-Sheep creek is like halfway between Granite and Kirkwood creek. Maybe a little closer to Kirkwood. Granite creek is some rough country. I have only been up it about 2 miles from the river, would love to go back.

Retired Cpo-You were able to find a nice whitetail by our corrals lol? Good for you, they dont last long with the 10,000 road hunters that go by!
really it was a small whitetail but it was her first so thats ok
we where eating lunch in the truck and we hear her "look a deer"
we jump out her uncle ranges it 280 yards she sets up and he ranges again just under 300 she dropped it in its tracks with a high shoulder shot
if you wait till after the draw hunts close most the road hunters are gone.
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