Idaho Backpack Bulls


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Nov 23, 2008
Excellent bulls congrats on a nice hunt. I used to live in McCall and hunted in those mountains back in the 80s. If you have never been there it is some incredible country.


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Nov 22, 2021
On these bulls we decided to bone them out to save weight since we weren't exactly looking forward to the hike out.
My bull had a very large body so we split them up like this:
each rear quarter was a load,
1 front shoulder, one backstrap, & 1/2 of the brisket was a load each,
head, antlers & cape plus neck meat and tenderloins was one load.
so 5 loads total for the bigger bull.

My buddy's bull was smaller bodied and lost a large portion of one shoulder from bullet damage. We boned him out as well. He also didn't plan on mounting it so we left the cape and skinned out the head. We got him out a little easier,
the skull/antlers and a rear quarter was a load,
the other rear quarter plus both backstraps was a load,
the good front shoulder plus all other boned out meat we split between us and carried out with our camp.

All of these loads felt awfully heavy and I wouldn't have wanted to push it much harder that that as I feel like it would risk injury. I'm a big buy and made sure I got into pretty decent shape before the hunt so I felt confident under a heavy load but I was a little concerned for my buddy as he's a smaller guy with occasional knee problems and didn't train as hard as he had hoped leading up to the hunt. He toughed it out though with no complaining. Man it felt good to finally drop those packs at the truck on the last load!
No doubt it felt good to drop the last load. I couldn't even imagine. I'm 58 almost 59 have had full hip replaced 5 years ago , screws in my right knee still recovering from covid almost a month. I believe I'll just try to grab a OTC cow tag next week. Congrats and hec of a job on them bulls.


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Feb 26, 2017
I came across a feller over there who stated he had packed out a complete boned out large bull 8 x 7 in one trip. I’m sure he left the horns 😳
Keep up the good work