I was warned


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Dec 1, 2002
It happened today, My Millett 6x25x56 plex blew out on me.
The second shot did it in, The scope turned solid white inside, but the reticle was sharp as ever. I tried adjusting eberything that would move, nothing worked.
I e-mailed Millett, but it was after hours, so maybe they will get in touch soon?
I hates workin on a budget, and not having longer than 100 yards to shoot.

I bought a Millet just like the one you mentioned excepth mine had a MIL-DOT reticle. Thought it was a great deal for $200. Had a 56 mm objective, 30 mm tube, nice target turrets, MIL-DOT reticle.

Other than being very large I liked it.

It broke after a few shots.

Millet was quick to respond and said I could send it to them and they would send me a new one.

I bought it from Grafs.com and they said I could return it and get my money back.

I now own another Leupold 6.5x20 LRT. That makes 3.

I really do not have the cashflow to do that right now, have been out of work a while, (back injury) hopefully will be able to get back into work soon.
while I would like a Leupy lrt, it is just not in the budget. I am thinking on the lines of something MOA on moose. out to about 600+ yards. Trying to be reasonable here. Putting this on a Savage 300, ultra mag. with 220 SMK.
I have never used the smk's on game, but I've seen enough pictures, and read enough posts. I beleive

That was my thought also. Wish it wouldn't have broke. I would love to hear someone with a Millet success story.

All this talk about the IOR scopes and the great German glass in them makes me wish I could find a place to go and look through one. There are not inexpensive either though.

Nikon and Bushnell make good mid price range scopes. I have a Nikon Monarch 6.5x20 44mm objective 1 inch tube that came with both target turrets with caps and external target turrets. It is a pretty good scope in my opinion.

Doug, I compared a Nikon 4x12 and a millet at the same time, the millet won as far as brightness and clarity. Dang it!
Around here it is really hard to compare scopes or much of anything else.
While there are a few stores around that will order something, you usually have to pay half the cost up front with no refund if you don't want it. Special orders bite.
i have thought about the Nikon 4x16x50 tactical.

Called Millett, they said send it back, and they will replace it, it will take at least 3 weeks to get another one. by that time deer season will be nearly over.

Called Graf & Son, they will replace it with the 3200 elite, Now I just need to figure what height rings to use on the Savage 116 fss. this is a 1" tube. ANY SUGGESTIONS

Seems like Graf is trying to take care of business. And they were very polite and helpful.

Thanks for the heads up on the Elite 3200 10x, and the thread started by Ian,

If they do not get you handled in time I would be glad to load you a scope. To get you through season. I have been there, seem that stuffs always happens just before season. Let me know
Steve, That is a very gracious offer.
I appreciate the offer very much, However it looks like Graf will have one on the way very quickly.
I have been getting some personal E-mails from you guys, thank you for the words of encouragment and heads up on several products that will help a newbie.

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