I think I maxed out the velocity on my 26" barrel

Discussion in 'Rifles, Bullets, Barrels & Ballistics' started by Lightvarmint, Jul 9, 2004.

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  1. Lightvarmint

    Lightvarmint Guest

    My barrel measures 26" from the rear of the chamber to the crown on the barrel. I am shooting a 30/338 Lapua using the 165gr Noslers at 3396 FPS.

    This is my first big case and I was wondering if I am at a reasonable limit of the barrel as far as velocities go. The twist is 1 in 10".

    It routinely groups high .1s and low .2s. It has shot some .0xx groups, but they are as plentiful since I am not that good of a shot. The barrel is of a light taper, so I do not shoot 5 shot groups.

    James [​IMG]
  2. NorthernSniper

    NorthernSniper Well-Known Member

    Jul 31, 2003
    LV, I am interested in the 30-338 Lapua myself can you tell us more about your rifle [​IMG] ? do you simply neck down 338 lapua brass? did you buy a series of dies to neck the brass down? do you need to fire form after necking down? How much powder do you use in your loads? Does it need a brake? did you need to have a custom reamer made? Thanks for any info! [​IMG]
  3. Lightvarmint

    Lightvarmint Guest

    It is a Hall E Action, glued into a McMillan McHale stock, Kelby rings/bases, Nightforce 12-42, Jewell trigger, Douglas 26" barrel (#3 taper I think). All of this was smithed by James Messer.

    Best load is 93gr of RL25 and .030" off the lands. It will go into one hole depending on the shooter. RL25 seemed to be the only powder (RL25, IMR7828, RL22) that was predictably accurate from group to group in the 3400 FPS velocity range.

    My brass is the necked down .338 Lapua brass. I use Neil Jones bullet seaters and the Redding FL dies for neck bumping and a body dies I made from another Redding full length sizer for the cartrige base die.

    I actually shot them into a .060" group and had to pull the target to verify that I had indeed not missed with the group shots. At 42 power, it looked like one bullet hole...... The reason was that it was one bullet hole. It actually did this with 94 grains as well, but the bolt is sticky when the temps climb up above 90 degrees.

    Even a poor shot like myself can have periods of glory with good equipemnt.