I need some ideas for build using 700 LA


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Sep 4, 2009
Malta NY
Guys please help a relatively newcomer to wildcatting and rifle building.

I got really lucky this week and picked up a model 700 bdl 6x284 with trued action, sako extractor and match grade hart barrel, 1 in 10 twist for a screaming deal. Only had 100 rounds through it. I got it from a reputable person. On my top ten list of good fellows now! LOL

It put me in a jam because I do not have infinent resources and I already had a 243 wssm in the safe. So I have finally managed to get a trade offer of a 30-06 model 700. I had no takers when trying to sell it outright.

That leaves me with the following long arms, 6x284, 25.06 sendero and an existing 30-06 Marlin MR-7 (my current favorite whitetail /mule deer rig). Although the 6x284 may become my go to for whitetails now....

I need to determine if I can build this remington 30-06 into something special that seperates it from the other three or my familial responsabilities will force me to sell the new aquisition.

So, Any ideas out there? I can justify keeping it if it fills a solid nitch.

I am not too sure what I can get away with as far as reworking the bolt as far as diameters and such.

I had been considering a 338 Norma but I am not sure this can be accomplished on this action. But something similar perhaps????
I had been considering a 338 Norma but I am not sure this can be accomplished on this action. But something similar perhaps????

OK, I saw Bounty Hunter reference this link in another thread.


Apparently the 338 Norma can indeed be done on 700 LA....Please correct me if I am off base in that regard. Or are they talking about magnum LA.

So, I am wondering has anyone built a 338 Norma using standard LA?

And are there other ideas?
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No ideas on how to soup up the 30-06 LA?

My other 30-06 is a sporter weight and is good easily to 500 yards.

Not sure if it will suffice beyond that as I have rarely shot anything beyond that range, however I plan to do so.

My guess is that it will be marginal.

I need a rifle that I can confidently take any North American game at 12-1500 yards.

I will likely utilize a Sendero HS stock and have the smith true the receiver and install a match grade barrel.

Is making a better 30-06 the best option or does someone have an idea for something just a little bit more interesting?
After doing some more research it looks like I can either neck it down for extended range or neck it up to 338 or 375 and get a short range thumper.

Does anyone shoot the 338-06? How about the 375 scovil? What are your thoughts on these?
I would not spend the money trying to work the bolt over. Just have your smith measure the action for a fitted PTG bolt with extractor in any bolt face you want.

Sell the old bolt on the net.

Final cost out of your pocket will be far less than spent on reworking the bolt and have a more accurate smoother bolt.

that means with a LA, you could build the 338 Norma on it quite easily with a PTG bolt or the 338 Edge.

that also means you can use the 6x284 and build a WSM also.

Same thing, sell the bolt and barrel if low round count for $150-200 and bolt and build on the SA.

Of the two, I love the WSM due to hard hitting and long barrel life but the Edge is a proven round also, Shawn has the reamer and matching on the shelf dies.

advertise the 6-284 on BR central ($3) and www.6mmbr.com (free) if you want to sell it also.

Thanks Bounty Hunter!

I had wondered if I could simply purchase a different bolt for the 30-06 remington.

That opens up the field quite a bit.

I appreciate the feedback.
this is the rong way but a 280 a.i would be nice or a 35 whelan a.i would be cool and there both based on the 06 so you dont have to change the bolt face just an idea
Thanks J-Speers.

I have about decided to go with a 284 Shehane and look for a donor gun to do something in the Magnums later.

I really like the idea of the 338 Norma, and that will be my next project....unless something better comes along before I get to it which will likely be a year or more.

So I have fully decided on a 284 Shehane. This will be my beanfield rifle so weight is not too big a concern but I do not want it to weigh too much either as I will likely still have to tote the puppy around.. Try to keep it around 11-12 pounds with scope as a maximum.

Right now I am leaning towards a 1 in 8.5 twist. Probably Bartlein if they do that twist rate. Not yet sure about length but it will be 26 plus probably.

Probably use a Sendero HS stock I have already.

I just need to get-r-done now:)
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