Need ideas for rustic room in basement?


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Oct 9, 2009
I am doing a 17'x17' room in my basement to put my deer heads and pool table. I need ideas for a nice rustic look. Cedar lap siding is what the guy helping me recommends. Another said log siding. Please give ideas tips or pics. I would like to do a drop ceiling, but not sure if it will look right with a wood wall.

When I did my basement in a log home we built, I used the galvanized barn roofing on the ceiling. I screwed it up so I could remove a panel to get to plumbing and such if needed. I really liked it and it was not very expensive.

IF you have access to some barn wood, some times get it for free, very rustic. Paint black behind joints,seams or board and batt it looks good. I ve done lots of projects w/ up to 100 yr.old wood, houses in the mills.
+1 on the old barnwood. My parents did their basement like that. Some straight up and down, some diagonal. Bathroom is one hole outhouse with curved moon on door. Old ammo and boxes with other antiques and old oak soda fountain with stools for bar.

This isn't a design idea but it was something I thought of when building my house. I put 3/4" plywood underneath my sheetrock on the walls I plan on hanging things on. I don't have to look for a stud when hanging my mounts.

Yes did the same in my trophy room, 12' walls also. Made a small dry bar area, out of 100 fear old hand hewn timber with a 4" slab top, tacked a few old horse shoes on it.
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