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Dec 12, 2007
Las Vegas
This is for the new guy just getting into long range hunting. I'm about a year in now. I have purchased a rifle, scope combo, upgraded the rifle a bit and have a few long range toys. I have developed accurate hand loads, and shoot regularly. I am going to write a few threads on subjects related to long range hunting that might help you make better decisions than I made when I got into this sport. First subject...the morality question.
This is not the debated question if long range hunting is moral or not...sorry! This is a long range hunting forum so lets just take it for granted we will be taking long range shots. This is more of an understanding to the new guy that just because you have been able to hit a target at 1000 yards doesn't mean that next season when you go elk hunting, if you spot it, you can shoot it. Most all the senior members on this forum are for lack of a better word, professionals at shooting long range. No buddy who is a moral hunter will take the extended shot unless everything is just right. That means taking into account, the wind velocity, the weapons known performance, the shooters condition, the ability to get a good enough rest, condition of the shot, etc etc. There are many guys here who can shoot past 1000 yards, but when an opportunity at a royal bull elk presents itself at 500 yards, if the conditions aren't right they pass on the shot.
Why is this important to the beginner, well understand that long range shooting is addictive and expensive. Do you really want to go out and spend a couple thousand dollars on a rifle, $1500.00 on a scope, thousands on bullets, powder, brass, and reloading equipment, then buy a bunch of extra gear to help make the shot, just to find out that when the opportunity presents its self you will decide to pass on the shot. Please understand that I am being conservative and if you get serious you will decide to upgrade more than you planned on in the beginning.
Wife is calling, more discussion to come. Next topic...500yards vs 1000.
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