Hunting sika deer in Ireland


Oct 6, 2012
Myself and a couple of buddies were hunting sika deer in Kerry today. I spotted 2 stags at 330 yards. Two of us went prone and dialled up for 330. I'm using .243 95gr sst's and my friend was using .308 150gr sst's. We counted down 3...2...1 and BOOM the two stags dropped on the spot. We both went for high shoulder shots so that the deer would be pinned to the ground.
It was about a 2 mile hike back to the jeep with a deer each on our back. These deer are small enough weighing roughly 100lbs each
This is the one I shot, a nice 8 pointer.

And here we are with a deer each on our backs
Cool! Deer packs!

Congratulations. Seems you two did a very good job on your hunt.

Regards, Guy

Thanks, I was the first chance I'd had to go hunting for over 6 weeks, so I really enjoyed it.
It felt great to get out on the mountain and leave the world behind.
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