hunting boots

If your boots don't fit, it doesn't matter where they are made. Most of us on this Forum will only buy the highest quality boots which usually leaves out those made in China.

Now there are a FEW of us who's feet are totally screwed up. 6E width, Hammer Toes, Morton's neuroma, etc. We have to use custom orthotics made buy a SPECIALIST.

Width is the biggest problem. 6E, I have to buy boots made by a specialty company who specializes in WIDE footwear. Then insert the orthotic sole.

Also, I mostly hunt from ground blinds in here in Texas. I like my Mucks for light walking and warmth if its wet. Usually just wear lightweight hiking boots as its warm throughout most of our season.
Whites boots, best boot I have found for hiking in Alaska. A lot of fire service people wear them completely rebuildable. In 15 years I have never had them rebuilt. I average about 100-125 miles a summer with a pack. Used to do a lot more but getting older.
Yes, I did note that they are "made in Europe", not the US. But when it comes to my feet I have to go with what will actually work. Since I insist on all leather choices are limited, and I have fit issues so the actual style and last makes critical differences. If my feet are crippled from bad fit, I can't get there at all. Those Owyhees look like they could replace my glued together, long discontinued Vasques. Vasques went to the Devil. I used to use Danners, but their lasts/styles changed. Meindls are very nice, but the toe box is too low and it blisters the tops of my toes. I really wish Cabela's still had their old 9" boot.
Mmmmmm, Vasques, yes, Canadian Danner I think in the 50s or 60s, Galibrié Vercours for mountains (still have them too, 1971). Kenetrek not for sure. Ooops. Sorry. Yes I like boots. I repeated somewhere
Work boots I go with nicks or jk. They are basically just a branch off of whites. I have Hoffmans mountain boots for hunting. I would say hoffmans, Kennetrek, schenees. I believe all 3 of them hunting boots are mad in Italy.
Just found some Lowa Tibet boots. A couple days into break in, I think they are going to work for hunting/hiking. I really like the lack of seams in the toe area; no pressure points or rubbing on high spots so far. Nice high toebox so they don't rub the tops of my toes. I must have German feet.😁
Do you know all leather hunting boots of de4cent quality are very hard to find!! nylon w/leather trim is the w3ay know. we need all-american made shoes again along with blue jeans! apparently money don't matter cause 600$ boots seems the normal Sick economy!!!
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