How's it going from Georgia


Feb 24, 2013
I'm an Electrical Engineer by trade, been with my company about 7 years now. I travel frequently because of work, been to Japan about 9 times, Canada, and all over the US. I help design and spec out equipment for my company. I've been married for about 18 years now. Married my high school sweetheart, she is the light of my life and best friend. I have a daughter that's almost 5 and is my heart and soul. We enjoy sit down dinners at home most evenings, along with fishing, hunting, and other activities.

I'm not new to the long range shooting game, built and shot several custom guns since about the age of 20. The new toy that I have now is a Surgeon Scalpel built by Steven at Surgeon in .300 Win Mag /Surgeon Bottom metal/Kreiger MTU 26" barrel/ FTE brake/ A5 stock/Badger Max 50 rings/Night Force NXS 12-42x56 scope. To say the least this was a gun that I have dreamed of owning for a very long time. I'm comfortable shooting out to 1000 yards, targets that is. Taken alot of deer at long ranges but none out past 500 yards, primarily because we don't have places to stretch out further around where I live.

I reload also, enjoy loading my own and working up new loads. I look forward to sharing and swapping information here in this forum. I am a firm believer in passing along information and learning about new things.

That's about all I have.....Thanks for reading.... :)
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