Howa/Weatherby Actions.

One of our friends bought a .3006 Howa (from a drunk in a bar)and already owns a .3006 Remington,
He would like to build a tack driver,
he is a tool and die maker, he has acsess to tools that would blow your mind.
He asked me about building a sweet rifle to take out west for Antelope and Mule Deer.
I told him the 6.5x284 is a killer, this would be at the top of my list. He will be ordering a Broughton Barrel. This guy is well informed I gave him every bit of information that was available on this calibre.
I have one I barreled in 6 / 284 and it shoots very well. I am now just in the process of rebarreling it to 6mm BR for a pd shooter. I like these actions, they are smooth and cycle very well.

I have a Howa 270, Rem700 6mmBR, and lots of Mausers... comparing them...

The book to get is "Bolt Action Rifles" 4th edition by de Haas.
Modern Firearms + Amazon webstore - Bolt Action Rifles

the 98 Mauser has:
1) flat bottomed receiver to take torque from rifling
2) controlled feed
3) claw typed extractor
4) safety on firing pin, often modified to be 2 or 3 position M70 type
5) multi stage gas filter on firing pin hole
6) bolt handle is integrally forged as part of bolt body
7) safety lug below rear bridge
8) integral recoil lug
9) knife ejector in bolt lug slot

The rem 700
1) receiver made from round tubing
2) push feed
3) little wimpy extractor
4) safety on trigger
5) simple bolt
6) bolt handle tacked on with screw and solder
7) nothing
8) recoil lug is a modified washer that is captured by the receiver and barrel
9) plunger ejector

Of the ~100 bolt action covered in the above book, they seem to all be on the spectrum somewhere between the simple Rem700 and the complex 1898 Mauser design.

The Howa 1500:
1) flat bottom receiver
2) push feed
3) short claw extractor is bigger than rem, but smaller than M98
4) three position bolt safety
5) simple bolt
6) Integral bolt handle
7) nothing
8) integral recoil lug
9) plunger ejector

I would give the Howa Mauser scale = ~50% Mauser
I would give the Howa Rem700 scale = ~50% Rem700

What does it all mean?
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The Mauser is 12TPI barrel threads
The Rem700 is 16TPI barrel threads
The Howa is ~16.9 TPI barrel thread [Metric 1.5mm pitch]
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