How to Break in a new barrel, gun

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    Jan 10, 2003
    Just got my new Howa 1500 Lighting .223 w/heavy SS barrel, Sightron 4x16 42 w/mil dot and Millet mounts.
    What is the best way to break in my new barrel while I sight it in?
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    Here is how Dan Lilja recommends breaking in his barrels....
    Break-in Procedure
    For an effective break-in the barrel should be cleaned after every shot for the first 10-12 rounds or until copper fouling stops. Our procedure is to push a cotton patch that is wet with solvent through the barrel. This will remove much of the powder fouling and wet the inside of the barrel with solvent. Next, wet a bronze brush with solvent and stroke the barrel 5-10 times. Follow this by another wet patch and then one dry patch. Now soak the barrel with a strong copper removing solvent until all of the blue mess is removed from the barrel. The copper fouling will be heavy for a few rounds and then taper off quickly in just one or two shots. Once it has stopped or diminished significantly it is time to start shooting 5 shot groups, cleaning after each one. After 25-30 rounds clean at a normal interval of 10-25 rounds. Your barrel is now broken-in.

    You may have to be a little more agressive in your cleaning routine than he suggests, since his barrels are lapped, but the routine is the same. Good Luck with the new rifle... [​IMG]

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    Jan 6, 2003
    Some experts belive and I am not saying it is true, as I am trying to make my own conclusion on break in, but some say that barrel makers tell you a long proscess because the more you shoot the more you wear out the barrel and the sooner it needs to be replaced. Your first round fired is the most accurate and so forth. Like I said this is just what some belive.
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    Dec 8, 2002
    Go to the Hart, Lilja, Kreiger, Shillen, etc web sites. Each one will have a page on barrel break in and what they believe is best. Kreiger will tell you break in and cleaning is up to You. They want you to clean for the first few rounds and then ?????