how much magnification is needed?


Sep 16, 2003
How much do you need? I plan on buying a Long Range scope soon and I'm looking at the Leupolds. They have the Long Range scopes I'm looking at in 14, 20 and 25 power. I know that the Canadian sniper kill (2600 yards or so) in Afgahn was made using a Leupold Mark 4 16x scope. If you're hunting Elk and moose out to 1500 yards and White tails and blackies out to 1000 yards how much magnification do you need? If a man size target can be hit that far out with a 16x scope wounldn't that be enough? I wish there was a way or a program one could run that would show you how big a 10inch target appears in your scope at various ranges.

Let me know what you have to say guys. Hunting season draws near.
I use a 8x32 Nightforce. The Leupold LRT in 8x25 would be a good choose or a 5.5x22 Nightforce with its 100 MOA of elevation would be a fine scope for long range shooting. You don't need a lot of power to shoot 1500 yards the Min I would suggest would be 10 Power for big game the Pic is my Nightforce set on 32 the target is 4 foot in diameter the distance is 1680 yards.


Crow Mag
I use mostly IOR 16 x that far enought for 1 mile shooting on rather big target ( 300 yards meters or bigger ), if you hunt a elk is not a PD and you surely not need to count how many pils they have in furr

over you get mirage in mostly weather condition

I have too 8.5x25 LR lepupold but I use them at 20x power max

good shooting

DANTEC is on to something with the IOR16x.I use numerous Leupolds and a couple of Nightforces but for the $ the 16X is a great scope to 1500 on prairie dogs.Past that it takes good weather conditions and a little more power to see them.Personaly I wish IOR would make a 20x fixed,all of my long range rigs would ware one!!
dear MAch V

I agree with you that a 20 X wil be a dream in IOR brand and if they can make a35 mm main tube that probably make the very best long range scope for real long range

good shooting

Kman, I use a B&L 4000 6X24 for my LR hunting out to 1000yds. I usually set it at 12 and forget about it. I have shot to 1800m with a Tasco 10X with good results on stumps.

You need to decide what you eyes like. I feel that as long as the resolution is there to put the crosshair into the correct third of the boiler room, that is the mag I need. That usually relates to 10 to 16X. Anymore and field of view is small and you may not see the hit during recoil.

Good luck...

Thanks for all the feedback guys. I'll take a good look at the 20x LR leupold scope. Looks like it might be a winner. I'd like to hear what people have to say about the Target Dot type reticle. I know DC uses them on his LR Leupold. They make sence to me as the obstruction of view with only a dot is much less then with the mil dot reticle for example.

Dot reticles are very nice except when light is dim. They are mounted on very fine crosshairs and may make finding the reticle difficult. Try on in the evening against a stand of trees or dark building, you may find the reg. crosshairs better. I do.

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