How much H-1000,H4350 for 7RM 168VLD?


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Dec 26, 2008
Looking for a hunting load, Shooting the168 VLD, but also have 140gr ballistic tips I may use. Factory 7 rem magnum, I have H4350 and H1000 I've seen the recomended loads vary from different sources. Also, how is IMR 4350 different? I see some loads are recomended a grain or two different than H4350.

I am using 70.5 gr of H-1000 with Berger 168's and Fed 210 Match primers.

I would start out 2 gr lower (3 gr lower if using 215 M's) and work up in .5 gr increments using a chronograph. Use the ladder method also or if you don't have a chronograph at at least 300 yards. Bullets will (group) at some point. Pick one load and load 3 and shoot at 100 yards if they group and chrono well, load 10 and shoot at 500 yards. Again if they group and chrono well (well in my book being 1/2 MOA and 20 E/S) that would be the load I would use. If not so well play with seating depth.

Sorry for the long winded post.

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