how many rounds shot this year?


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May 9, 2001
I started thinking about how many rounds I have fired so far this year. The best way for me to tally it up was by primers. I use the same primer for everything. In January, a box of 1,000 was bought and that was gone by August. Then 2 boxes were bought of 100 each. Those are now gone. There is a new box of 1,000 on my reloading bench and that has about 150 gone already. That adds up to a grand total of around 1,350 rounds so far this year. How about you guys????
10 Pound's of H1000.4 pound's of RL 25.77 round's per pound.(1078)I have 50 loaded.That leaves a grand total of 1028 round's from my ultra.7-08.2 pound's of h380.156 round's per pound.(312).1340.
2500 52 gr bullets 1000 80 gr 243's lots of 30 cal some 8mm some7mm some 25 cal I surpose total 5000 rounds plus. not counting pistol,shotgun and 22 rf.
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