How many Prairie Dogs have you shot in one sitting?


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Jan 4, 2010
Helena, MT
Just a fun little post. A few years ago my wife and I went shooting right after a spring snow storm. 8in of fresh snow, sunny and about 45 with no wind. We never left the pickup and fighting over the 22 with iron sights. Most shots were between 10-30 feet. I think the Dogs were snow blinded. We would drive about 20 yrds stop and shoot. When it was all done or should I say out of shells. We had shot around 250 rounds and did not miss many dogs. It was a sight to behold. Lots of brown and red covering the fresh snow. The only regret I have is a "I told you so moment" about getting the pickup stuck, she still lets me know about it once and awhile.
I would have to say easily well over 100 but could not tell you for sure. I did have a slight handi cap - here is glimpse of one of my hunts. The most fun I ever had was when I took my 2 boys for the first time. It was a 3 day trip. They each had 1500 rounds of 223 ammo - we also brought 5000 rounds of 22. They were 10 and 12 years old at the time. They each had 3 rifles - Ar15, a 223 bolt gun and a heavy barrel 10/22. Needless to say the action was fast and furious. When the youngest got on the Ar-15 I had to keep telling him to stop and breathe between each shot. Watching this was the most fun I ever had. I was tired of cleaning guns by the end of the trip. The youngest managed to shoot all 1500 of his 223. The oldest wasn't far behind he had only 33 rounds left. All 5000 rounds of 22 were used up. We have done this trip 3 times over the last 7 years. Last year I did break down and put new barrels on the Ar's. To sum it up time and money well spent.
MN Hunter, That's a whole lot of shooting and a great way to build the memories. I've never hunted prairie dogs but, I would imagine it's fun.
never shot any prairie dogs,A friend of mine owned a dairy farm by the wild animal park in san diego, we shot 1400 ground squirrels with .22s in a weekend,needless to say, helped out his alfalfa field a ton that year. :rolleyes:
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That's a whole lot of squirrel stew.:) Seriously what did you do with 1400 of them.
Your Verminators! I thought I was havin fun with 42 consecutive 150-350 yrd. pdog kills. 1400 gsquirrels is unreal! I'm Californ ia bound! Great fun. Dskiper
Never tried prarie dog hunting, but sounds like a blast! Also sounds like you need one barrel per gun per trip to factor into the cost...

MN Hunter,
man your kids are lucky! AR15, 223 and a 22 at age 10 and 12?! I'm 16 and have to buy all my guns myself =\ so for now "all my guns" is a .308, 10/22 I built myself, and a browning bps 12ga. Really want to get myself an ar, but doubt I can afford to feed one. Lucky lucky kids!

Shoot straight,
Maybe 150 max for one day. I usually get to go when everyone else has been shooting the dog towns for a month or two and their pretty flighty and drop at the sound of a shot so you spend some time waiting. Plus unlike my shooting buddy I'm more into the one shot one kill thing and he is into spray and pray. He probably averages 10 rounds for everyone of mine and I usually end up with the most hits. But I sure do enjoy my PD's. Better than shooting paper by far.

Yes my kids are very fortunate. Other kids got toys for birthdays and Christmas - my kids got guns. Also I am old enough to have bought the AR-15's when Regan and George senior were president. At that time they were inexpensive.

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The tally counter is a great idea. Now that my boys are older it has become quite the contest as to who shoots more sod poodles. I just have to make sure they click only one time per kill.
Since I've only been out shooting p-dogs three times, I guess the most in one sitting meanig all shot with out moving from my position would be about 40. We usually all shoot from the same position so we watch each others kills in our scopes and thats almost as much fun as hitting them ourselves.

We keep track of kills by putting the empty brass back in your sell holder upside down for hits and right side up for misses.

I averaged just about 50% this past year. I also got three confirmed doubles which was very cool.
Question: with so many p-dogs being killed don't they kinda go extinct in those areas or do they reproduce like rats? (I watched a documentary several years ago and they said that no matter how many rats that get killed they just keep coming). Are p-dogs like that?
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