How high rings for Sav Mod 12 & 50mm


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Jan 3, 2010
Amarillo, TX
Looks like I will have to order rings for my 30mm tube scope, and has 50mm
obj. lens. Not sure how high the rings need to be. Medium for sure or high.
Anybody with a little experience?
u really dont need that high of rings, i thought i would for a 50mm scope and ended up with my scope way too high. i have a 20moa rail on my short action savage and the low model burris extreme tactical rings will just barely work , so i got the mediums and its just right.
I have mediums on my model 12 with a 50mm scope and have plenty of clearance. Could have used lows.
Depends on the base.

If you are using something like the 2 piece weavers, you might need mediums.

On my EGW's, I could use something lower than low's.
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