How about the .338/.378 Accumark

Jeff H.

Feb 14, 2011
About 6 yrs ago I bought a Weatherby Accumark in .338/.378, after asking several long time elk hunters their opinion on the "ultimate" elk rifle, I have yet to take it after a elk, but this fall is looking good. After shooting this rifle several times with different factory ammo loads, I got into reloading this caliber for economy and accuracy reasons. Most recently I've reloaded Sierra Spitzer Boat tails(215 gr) with 109 grs. of RL-25 behind them, not a problem getting under 1" groups at 100 yds., I also have some Barnes TSX 210 gr boat tails that I am planning on reloading, although I have had some trouble getting the Barnes "hollow point" type of bullet to hit consistently, I still haven't given up on the Barnes bullet. Any info concerning this rifle and some load formulas would be greatly appreciated. thanks
Congratulations, you have the ultimate over the counter elk rifle. Where you looking to kill your elk? Here are some loads from mine. 111 grains of 7828 with the 215 shoots 3500 fps. 113 grains RE-25 also gets you 3500 fps. 128 grains H-870 3560 fps with the 215. The 225 accubond gives excellent ballistics and you can drive it 3400+ fps with h-870, Retumbo or RE-25.

The 338-378 wby is the best of all elk rifles with easily obtainable ammo.
If you want to go serious long range 116 grains of H-870 drives the 300 grain SMK 3064 fps out of mine.
Long Time Long Ranger,
Thanks for the input, 10-4 on the formulas for reloading. One question though.. I read in an older reloading publication that the H-870 was the slowest burning of all the powders available, and that doesn't concern me, the problem I have is to find it, none of the gun shops I deal with seem to be able to get it, strange I thought, do you have any expierience with the Barnes TSX, or the old blue teflon coated 'X' bullet? With limited expieriments with the old blue coated bullets they would not hit consistiently, at least on paper, and here I am again with the 'X' type bullet, hoping they will work differently with the pressure relief grooves and such, back to the powder, I picked up some H-1000 for the TSX bullets, but if I can get good performance out of the Sierra's at 200-400 yards I might stick with them for the hunt, which by the way would take place in Montana, if I get picked on the license lottery this year.
I think they disontinued H-870 and replaced it with us869 or something. I haven't tried it. You can get good loads with H-1000 and the light bullets. The old barnes bullets were worthless. You couldn't hit the barn if you were standing in it with the old barnes. They cut the cute little grooves in there plus made the bullets open up better and more reliably. Now they are as accurate as any bullet I shoot and on game performance is exceptional.

The sierra 215 game king will work on your elk hunt. My best loads with H-1000 powder and the 215 Sierra hit right around 112-113 grains. I shoot mine max length that will feed through my magazine and eject properly. Hope this helps and gives you a good starting point anyway. Start with the same load with the 210 tsx. Either will do fine on your elk hunt. Good luck in Montana. They have some good hunting in some areas where the wolves haven't destroyed the herd yet.
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