Horus ATrag1P software


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Jan 21, 2002
Wenatchee, WA
Has anyone here used this program yet? I thought I'd seen a thread on it somewhere, but after searching the archives on the boards I normally watch I couldn't come up w/ anything. Looks pretty neat, and apparently can work w/ non-HorusVision scopes as well! The 'Advanced' ATrag2P version has some nifty looking features as well, but it doesn't seem to be available just yet

Horus Vision ATrag1P

What do you guys think?


Thread is titled "Horus Visions Ballistic program in the Handspring" it is equiptment reviews.

You do not even have to search. It is the second posting if you click on equiptment reviews.
I hate it when I do that... I'd spent about half an hour to forty five minutes searching on three different boards in all the 'likely' forums (man, they need a 'Search *all* open forums option!!!) for ATrag1P, which is what it's called on the site. Didn't try Horus, because 90% of the time a Horus thread (at least on other LR/Tactical boards) devolves into flames about whether to use mildots, holdover, or a fancy reticle. Sorry about that!!

So... now that y'all have had some more time w/ these toys, any other tidbits of info not in the reviews and other articles that you'd care to pass along? Speaking of which, whats the difference btwn 'true MOA' and 'shooter MOA'?



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