Hornady Brass ?


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Mar 4, 2004
North Dakota
A friend of mine is thinking of buying a 300 Weatherby and he noticed that Hornady makes brass for it. Has anyone used this brass and is it any good? How does it compare with Norma?

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Their is no compairing it to Norma , a more even compairison would be to Remington , it hard a thin , I hated it!!

you can use 7mmSTW necked up and fire formed to make decient brass from Winchester.

I shoot my 300Ackly so little that I just close my eyes and grunt when I buy the Weatherby ammo to use for close hunting and fireforming
The Hornandy brass is not as good as Norma,
but it is cheaper. If I am not mistaken the
Hornandy brass has frontier stamped on the
rim and this is made by Winchester.
I bought some Hornady brass for my 300 Win mag. To replace my old brass. It has Hornady stamped into it. But when I read this I ordered some Norma 300 Win brass. I will shoot the Hornady brass first as soon as my 300 is returned from having a new barrel put on.
I've got some Hornady 6.5x284 and it's pretty good. Doesn't Norma supply the brass to Wby for their brass?
Yes,..wthby brass was/is Norma brass (hence part of the ammunition price)
So I guess it sounds like a mix some think it is junk others think it is good.
I guess my friend will have to try it for himself and see what he thinks.
I wouldn't knock it till I tried it. The hornady brass I've worked with has given fantastic concentricity and has had very consistant wt. I bought some of the hornady 300 wby brass and it looks really good.
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