Horizontal Stringing


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Feb 26, 2003
So what would make my groups string horizontally at 100 yards.

Shooting 7mm RUM, 160 GR Nosler Accubonds.

Wind 3 to 8 mph pretty much directly toward the bench.

Thanks S1,

The Lightforce 20 MOA tapered scope base is glued to the action with blue loctite. Leupold PRW rings are still tight.

Suppose it could be the scope, it is a 30mm Leupold 6.5x20 50 mm LRT, with side focus.

This would explain a lot. This rifle has never shot as well as expected. Could have been the scope all along. It is the only scope I have ever had on this rifle.

Any way to test the scope without taking it off?

The 7mm RUM kicks no more.

With the addition of the muzzle break and 4 pounds of lead in the stock it barely kicks as much as the 25-06 now.

I suppose I could try the Nikon 6.5x20 Monarch.

-Poor shooting position. Bad natural point of aim.

-Recoil anticipatory behaviour.

It isn't always the rifle that performs bad. Sometimes it is...
I was shooting 5 sets of 99.5 GR WC872 powder and incrementing the seating depth by 0.005 with each set. Several sets of five went quite horizontal.
Make shure the barrel is free floating. Make shure you arent putting to much pressure on the stock/barrel when you shoot.
Barrel (28 inch, plus 2 more inches for muzzle brake) is fully floated.

What kind of pressure on the stock/barrel are you talking about?

I was pulling the stock toward my shoulder firmly.

Sky king (my pilot buddy i shoot with) told me horizonal strings are often a trigger control issue, he says dont let trigger finger touch wood or fiberglass only the trigger. Try it out and let me know if it worked it helped me . ebb
stock pressure= you may be pulling down hard enough that the fore end contacts the barrel on some shots and not others. also you may have parallax and if you change the position of your shoulder or face that could cause the horizontal string.--if non of these or the other things work out i would send the scope back or at least call them and see if they have ever had this problem--if nothing else try it on a rifle of known accuracy and try to shoot a square by clicking the scope.
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