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Feb 21, 2010
north yorkshire england
hi guys,
first post on this excellent site,i have been shooting since the age of 6 when my father bought me a daisy 179 bb pistol(which i still have).
i am now a rifle and shotgunner(use to be handguns before the uk ban) which i use often as a part time game keeper covering 8500 acres in north yorkshire
covering mainly pheasant,grouse and partridge.
i also enjoy paper punching and practical disciplines the furthest distance i can shoot local to me is 600yds but thats quite far enough for me.....:rolleyes:
spiffing good day to you sirs:)
Welcome. Accross the pond sounds rough on a handgun guy.At least you still shoot. So what does a game keeper do? Is this some kind of poacher patroll/game management type of job? I here ''guillie suits'' stem from game keepers. Always like to learn odd stuff. Hope you enjoy L/R/H.
hi winmag,
ghillie is a gaelic word meaning servant.
the tweed suits as worn today were the first form of camouflage used in stalking.

The ghillie suit was developed by scottish gamekeepers as a portable hunting blind.the loval scouts, a Scottish Highland regiment formed by the british army during the 2nd boer war is the first known military unit to use ghillie suits. the lovat Scouts were the first British Army's sniper unit.
you pretty much summed it up duties you have said also year round
vermin control trapping and shooting critters threatening game birds such as
fox, corvids, stoats etc.

all the best
That sounds like a pretty fun job! Thanks for the reply and history lesson. Im kind of a history buff. Youd think with relatives with names like Marr, McEwen, Sellars, and King, Id know this stuff, but I didnt. Thanks again for enlightening me. Look forward to reading some of your posts. TJ Ewing---(winmag)
Welcome, glad to have you here. Lots of good folks and lots of good info. Enjoy.
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