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    Welcome back - you must be snow bound again after a bust summer / hunting season?
    What news do you have from the last 6 months?
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    May 3, 2001
    It's about time he got his Alaskan butt back to we can catch up on what he's been up to. Good to hear that he is still out there [​IMG]
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    Jun 12, 2001
    Thanks guys. Good to be back, even though it's just for a week, still far better than the two days I had off for Labor day weekend!

    I'll move my post from the other thread over here, probably post a few pix here later when I get some more time.

    Snow has came and went (melted off mostly), but I'm sure there's more a comin.

    Headed off on a wheeler ride in just a few.

    Gotta run for now. Looks like I got LOTS of reading to catch up on here!



    You weren't too far away there in Kotzebue. I've been up in Nome since July 18 building a 3940 foot long breakwater, which creates their new harbor. Heading back this Wednesday after a well needed week off. Probably be there until Christmas, maybe even into new years a bit.

    I shot a pretty good vidio clip of my friend taking a 36" bull moose that we drove up on the last day season was open, just before dark. Most all the moose right there around Nome were easily in the 60" + range, Mike's was an exception but we weren't being picky on the last day. It's all registration hunting there, and when the quota is met, which happens in just a week or two, that's it. You're allowed 5 Caribou per day though, but the giant herd still is not close enough to Nome as of yet. My room mate managed to find a loner though, also a real nice wolf.

    My brother came back home for Labor day weekend the night before I did, the next morning he made it out there a few hours before I did and took a nice 53" bull in the area we generally hunt. I saw two big bulls together just before I left my mountain lookout spot. We went after them, but my wife got the Polaris Ranger high centered after one side fell into a small creek channel in the swamp. Pretty nasty stuff to go ahead alone on my 6x6 even though we were getting close, so I stopped and helped her out of it, but made enough noise winching etc that the bulls had moved off when I made it to where they were.

    What made it worse is, I knew the two bulls went in a small strip of heavy timber just 200 yards accross this next small wet swamp, but I just really didn't have the hour or two I needed to pursue them. The whole family was waiting on me a 1/4 mile back and I most definitely needed the daylight to pick our way back accross the swamps, which were full of brush hidden holes and deep, mostly hidden streams. Just a day hunt, and nobody was dressed warm enough to wait for sunrise the next morning to get back out. Still, we all had a great time, and I made my flight back to Nome the next day... barely.

    Lots of work with not much free time this season.

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    Jun 14, 2002
    Glad you're back. Missed your posts!

    Frank D