Hi all new here

BareBack Jack

Dec 9, 2009
Hi all new here to LRH,long time lurker.
I'm looking to have a gun built for me and I had a few ? about what round to use and action.

I have been looking at the 300 RUM,.338 EDGE and the .338 Excaliber.
I like all of the rounds but the .338 Ex sounds exciting and it would be a new round for me since I'm a gun nut.

Problem is there is lack of data around for it,I see A-squar makes rounds for it but finding dimensions and guns made for it is tough.

What are your guys take on these 3 and thoughts.
I have been playing with the .338 EDGE some and I'm realy I'm pressed gun)but since there is one in the family already I would like something that would realy seperate them.

Howdy Jack, and welcome to LRH,

I'm a 300 RUM kinda guy, but if I were to "fool around" with a 338 that's a little different, I would do a Lapua Imp for availability of very good brass and a very well performing cartridge. With the Imp version, you're looking at custom dies and possibly a custum reamer. With the EDGE, you can do it with most any RUM bushing die.

One of our younger members, Tyler Kemp just got his 338 LMImp. It was built on a Lawton action. Great looking rifle.

Have fun and keep us posted.


Thats a nice looking gun.
I will have Mr.Allen build one for me when I decide on what round.
The excaliber is starting to catch my attention or a AM.
Have you priced the ammo and brass for the excaliber...some of that stuffs $13 a round...then there's availability and not alot of info out there...I don't know but IMHO it's not for me. The 338 AM is quite a step up as well. Have you seriously looked at the 338AX. Should get you to 1300+ yards, great brass.:)
Thats why I'm here I'm looking for experiance and opions.I have shot the EDGE to a 1000yds and the .300 RUM and also the weatherby.
What I'm looking for is a .338 bullet at 300 gr SMK @ 3200+fps.

There is not much info on most of them A-square list a 250 gr @3200 for the Excaliber and reloading the edge a 300 gr SMK @ 2900(don't quote me on that cause I'm not home but it's close).

I know going with what I'm asking is going to be pricey but hey so is having a rifle built right?

Some hunting but mostly recreational,I would like the gun to weight in the 12-18 lb range so it could still be carried.


The reason I ask is that this bullet...

GS CUSTOM BULLETS - Specifications for use

...shot out of a 338 RUM/Lapua/EDGE will out run a 300 SMK shot out of a 338 AM or Excaliber.

It is a 267 gr non-expanding sollid with a very high BC and will get velociteis 100-200 fps more than other bullets of same weight. I would hesitate to use it as a hunting bullet unless I was confident of a spine or high shoulder hit.

It should get about the same or more velocity than the 300 SMK out of the AM with the same length barrel with one of the mentioned calibers and along with the higher BC, it will run away from the SMK. Out of a Lapua Imp, it would really cook. For recreational shooting,it is the perfect 338 bullet. For hunting it is questioanble. The bullets cost more than the SMK's, but the overall cost per round vs the super charged 338's is much less... maybe less than half. Another benefit is a lot longer barrel life which means a lot more trigger time.

Just somehing to think about...

I think that is a little bigger than what I want,plus I dout I could get it in a sporter aplication.

But there is always room for 2 maybe.:)

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