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Mar 6, 2002
Central Minnesota
Do you know of any 1000yd.+ ranges in Central Minnesota to shoot at? I have been forced to putting steel gongs in the neighbors fields and shooting prone off my Harris. I would like to find a good range with a rocksteady bench to shoot off!! Don't want to travel too far or spend too much either. I could probably talk my neighbor into letting me put a bench on the edge of his field. I can get about 1300yds out of the field. Just wondering!! Thanks!
Savageshooter, where are you located out there. I just moved from Bloomington and did an awful lot of hunting out in the central part of MN.
Savage Shooter,

May be a bit of a drive for ya assuming your in or around Brainerd, but are you aware of the MN Rifle & Revolver club at Harris? Bout an hr or better north of the twin cities on the east side. They have a 1K Range.. And I believe a website.. Also, the Guard "had" a 1K range in Roseau, not sure of its status anymore.... Good luck

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Harris is the only official 1000yard range I know of but ya gotta be a member & it aint easy,cheap or soon.There are a few 200yard ranges around & there is talk of expanding the range @ mankato to 600 but they are getting a lot of resistance the last I heard.
Like you we setup and shoot from one property to another.If we use my backstop at the farm & shoot ofa Curts bench we can get 1200 yards.
It would be nice to be able to set a bench out the back yard but the neighbors think they are in Komafornia.If I pulled the triger in the pic I all hell would break loose,kinda a shame as there is now a pile of dirt 1400 yards out in the field.
Hey Matt, I live in a little town called French Lake. Just South West of Annandale about 7 miles. I am a member of The Rainbow Sportsmans Club near Cokato. Matt- where did you hunt in Central Minnesota?

Hey Nodak- Just looked at a map. Harris is about 1 1/2 hours from me. It is just Nort of North Branch.

I currently work in St. Cloud and for my job I do alot of driving around from Willmar to Foley to Rockford. I cover alot of the central portion of the state. If any are interested, usually the first weekend in June we have a 100,200,300 yard varmint shoot at the sportsmans club I belong to. They do have some rules to follow though!
No benchrest guns, 3lbs. or heavier triggers, etc.

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It just got a lot easier for us to shoot the BMGs.The inlaws(outlaws in this case) live in the Annandale,Monticelo area & am forced(ya right)to go up there regularly.
Drop me a line & we can pull the triggers sometime=CJ
savage: a good friend and former coworker lives in Annadale and my girlfriend's parents have a farm in Silver Creek. I hunted that a lot, especially for ducks and geese. Nothing like flooded corn for ducks.
Mach V and Matt,
The world gets smaller everyday! Anytime you guys are up this way feel free to call or e-mail prior to leaving, and I will try and set up a good long range shooting area!! I know the President and range master of the Annandale shooting range real well and I am a member to the Rainbow Sportsmans Club in Cokato, and members are allowed to bring guests anytime. Rainbow has a 300yd range w/benches. I would be more than happy to send some lead downrange with you guys!! Let me know next time you are in the area!!

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