Help with new project

Sep 21, 2008
I bought an unfired Savage 111 in .270 with Accutrigger for $200.00 yesterday from a buddy in need. I am wanting to build a long range hunting rig. Several questions are running through my head. First, caliber? If I want to use the detachable box magazine and not open the bolt face, would a 6.5-284, 6.5-06 AI, or 30-06 AI be the ticket? What I mean is which one would be best for deer-antelope at long range. Or, is there a company that can set me up with a DBM and bottom metal so I can go for the 300 RUM or the 338 Edge? Any caliber choice will be in a Pac-Nor 28" barrel. If I stick with AI calibers what stock options do I have to keep the DBM and if I go with magnums which stock and bottom metal would give me the DBM option? The action will be trued and locking lugs lapped, stock will be bedded. Any opinions on caliber, different barrel makers, stock anything will be appreciated. I have always shot the 300 WM and .308 Win. The only thing is, I get to pick the scope! This could be considered as all of ya'lls project and I promise I will build it everybody's way!gun)
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