HELP!! remington 721 New timney trigger problems.


Mar 28, 2012
I installed a Timney trigger in a old remington 721. I had to do some work to the stock to get the trigger to fit. The trigger now has plenty of room and when I set the action in the stock it works perfectly but when I tighten the action screws the firing pin will not stay engaged. If I lift the bold handle the firing pin moves to the cocked position but when I put the bold handle down the firing pin won't stay engage. I can tighten the rear tang screw and leave the others loose and it works properly but as soon as I tighten any of the other action screws it won't stay engaged. Or I can have all the action screws in but loose and it works properly. Can the action be flexing enough that it's messing with it?
That's what I was thinking. Do you think I could bed the front recoil lug and action screw or do the whole thing?
After bedding, never tighten the center screw more than snug.
Better yet, epoxy a threaded instert to the stock for that center screw. Seems to me the tread on that center screw is 10-32. Shorter ones with beveled heads can be had at the hardware store. It'll still hold the trigger guard on. But if that's not possible, do as Eddie suggests.
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D dog, you may want to check entire inletting prior to bedding. Try candle soot or inletting marking on the action to find high spots, then bed after removing them. As already mentioned, bedding should do it and might tighten groups. Good luck
Thanks for the info guys!! I'm gonna try candle soot an then bed. I have bedded several rifles before. All with devcon. I've hear jb is good too. Any opinions on which is better?
all the information you have been given is correct its great having this web sight for those who need help. put pillers in your 721 when you bed it. it will solve the problem but chances are the trigger is still hitting most likley the trigger plate that the 721 & 722s have under the trigger guard. the 721 is a magnun action and a true chrome molly one at that. so its very flexable just like a spring pillers will solve this problem. also bed the shank of the barrel and make sure the barrel is free floated the 721 is one of the best actions ever made the wood stock & the lack of pillers and the stupid *** consumer. has always been the remington trigger problem. not the trigger. by the way the original 721 trigger can be adjusted to be better than the timney you put in. But if you dont know how dont try. the other problem with the remington trigger.
No help on the Timney but, I bought one for my 721 and didn't use it. When I had the new barrel installed on my 721, the 'smith, "worked" on the original trigger and it breaks perfect at 2 lbs.
like I stated. The orig. 721 trigger is better than the timney. It can be adjusted even much lower than the 2.0 lbs down around 1.0 lbs but 2.0 is a safe hunting trigger. You can also get a old style remington 700 trigger pre x- mark and install a kepplinger single set trigger in the remington housing and have the un set around 2.5lbs in re-set mode 10 oz works very well for those long range shots. Its about $250.00 installed some other work in the stock around the safety would have to be done and the bottom fo the trigger would have to be re shaped the 700 trigger sets back further than the 721 trigger.
morning, i had the same thing happen on a 721 LA action with a timmey. I cleared the safety, which was bidding. tighten action screws, firing mechanism would not stay engaged. As i was tight the action screws, i looked down at the trigger shoe. the trigger shoe was hitting the bottom of the trigger guard, i did the same function several times to make sure as to what i was seeing. i took my demeral and cut small pieces off of the bottom of the trigger till the trigger cleared the bottom of the trigger guard. dressed the end of the trigger. put some liquid bluing on the trigger. works great. timmey triggers a very good. i hope this was helpful. I replaced the action screws with the allen head screws from brownells for 721 rem. the torque of the screws is more accurate. the center screw on the action is to b snug like on a ruger m77.lightbulb721 rem actions r some of the strongest in the shooting world. i have 6 rifles made on 721 actions. all of them shoot extremely well with handloads.

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