Help Please...another scope question


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Apr 7, 2011
I currently own a 4.5-14 power Zeiss conquest with Rapid Z 800 reticle. I have had great success with the reticle, but as I mentioned previously I would like to find a reticle that has a little finer center crosshair, and a scope with a bit more power for longer ranges than 800 yards.

So far I have found the Zeiss reticle very accurate having a variety of one-shot kills from a few hundred yards to 787, with several in the 500 and 600 yard ranges with lots of practice and long range verification of the data the zeiss calculator was spitting out

I would like to get into a system where I could go up to say a little over 1,000 yards if need be, but would desire something as quick as or close to as quick as these BDC type reticles.

If I were to get say a G7 rangefinder that automatically calculates atmospheric conditions, inclines, and actual incline yardage (or moa value), and got a reticle that also scales MOA wouldn't it be fair to say that this system would be as quick as a bdc type reticle with a standard rangefinder??? I understand that in a sfp reticle that the values change as magnification does, but couldn't you easily enough make a dope card for one of those chosen magnifications for quick reference on holdoffs??

I would like to hear your experiences. The sniping community seems to hate bdc reticles or turrets, but some in the LR community like them and find them accurate. The reality is that I have several great areas to hunt, however they are small pieces of private ground wedged between public land and private ranches, and in many situations I have less than 30 seconds from ranging an animal to take a shot....plugging values into a pda for a dial up is simply not an option because the animals pause for very short periods of time. I draw a range card into open meadows from my shooting location at first light, and rely upon a second measurement if needed, but often my ranges I find accurate within 40 yards.

Please lend me some advice here and lend me a hand. Someone has to have a situation and a need similar to mine. What would you recommend??
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