Help me choose rings and bases.


Jun 4, 2006
I purchased a Zeiss 4.5X14 Conquest scope about a month a ago with the help of your advice.

I have a remington chambered for a .280 and was wondering what you guys would recommend. Any of you use QD style of rings and if so would you recommend them?
I'm partial to the Picatinny type bases and rings. EGW makes a good inexpensive 1 piece base and you can go with TPS or Vortex rings to keep costs down. I use Seekins Precision base/rings myself and they are rock solid. I guess it depends on how solid a mount you need. I wouldn't trust any kind of QD rings to hold a perfect zero on and off. The Talley 1 pc. bases/rings are popular too.

thanks for your advice. I am looking at purchasing a EGW base and looking at the TPS and Vortex rings. Just wondering what model of TPS rings were you recommending?
The TSR Alloy are good to go. Make sure you get the Picatinny style and not the Weaver style. The Vortex/Seekins Precision Rings are a bit more $$, but they are also beefier. That scope also has a 1" tube, so if you are planning on dialing your come ups then you should get a 10 if not a 20MOA canted base. That is if you are wanting to shoot out to 1000yds. Without the canted base you will run out of adjustment on your scope at maybe 700yds?
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