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Oct 7, 2009
I have been a long time reader on this forum and finally bought what i consider to be a starter for my first long range rifle. I have been shooting for a while mainly a browning 300 wsm and a savage model 12 bvss in 22-250. Any way i purchased a savage model 12 FVSS chambered in 270 wsm. I got what think was a good deal and paid 275 cash for an unfired gun. The first thing i noticed is that the stock is junk. Since i am back in school i would like to keep the cost down but would like to change the stock out quickly. I like the stockade stocks but not sure i want to pay for one are there any other options out there that would be good. ALso what type of stock shoul i look for. Also i have a Zeiss scope in 4.5-14 it has the smaller turrets but is adjusted using your thumb. Would this work for a scope or should i look else where. If so what should i look into. Another question is i am heading to north east MT for an antelope hunt that kind of fell in my lap. Is this enough time to get this rifle shooting with the stock that is on it now or shold i just use my browning. If so what would you start the zero at? I have plenty of time to shoot as I am a student being supported by my wife and could shoot pretty much every day from now till then. Also i will be shooting factory ammo and would like suggestions on bullet weight as well as what i could expect as far as performance on animals. What ranges should i be able to take deer and antelope at? THnaks for all the help. Really looking forward to shooting something.
In my opinion you're out of time for hardware changes. Shoot the browning if you're comfortable with it. Got it sighted in ?
Generally I do my rifle building during those long cold months from January - March.

Got your food, fuel, sleeping, and cold weather gear sorted out yet ? If I don't do that stuff early, i will always forget something important.

Good luck with your hunt. :D

Welcome to LRH and enjoy! I zero all rifles at 200 yards. The 130 gr NBT or 140 NAB should be a good dose for speed goats in your .270 WSM.

Bring both the .270 WSM and .300 WSM ... back up never hurts!:D

I agree with 4bycamper, use some of those times to work out your logistics - between now and the opening day (this Sunday) will come sooner than you think.:)

Good luck and happy safe hunting.
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