Heber City Utah

I’m pretty sure it was a scam, 8 lb’ers RL-26. I posted a WTB on a local forum.

SDPlinker, you show me yours and I’ll show you mine
It has been a wonderful winter as you know, and I have had some major health setbacks the last couple years. Last fall I didn't get much done in the garage and just threw everything in there, and threw some blankets over her. I will crack open the dungeon today and see if I can get a pic😁
50BA7F11-4338-4582-A72A-8A935F55BC5A.jpeg28124DEA-E40C-46B4-9CA5-E32775296B19.jpegFF7D1283-7F76-468C-8CCF-2E98048DEE40.jpegB3FD0DA5-5844-4618-93CC-257D411C28B5.jpegYour turn😀
Don’t laugh 2 primer kicks and she starts on the 3rd


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Laugh at what? That is sweeeeeet!! Mine don't kick, I have to sit on it and make motor sounds like I did when I was a kid sitting on my dad's. I broke the kicker shaft, I have the new shaft from Jim's and gaskets, figured I would add an electronic ignition while I worked on her.

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