Southern Utah 1000 Yd range?

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May 1, 2014
I am planning a trip to visit my Uncle in Cedar City, Utah and while browsing around Cedar City, looking for a place in the hills with a little distance to shoot, I ran into what appears to be a 1000 yard range located on state lands West of Cedar City.

In Google earth, if you place the distance measuring icon (click the ruler at the top of the page) on the circle designating the center of Enoch, just north of Cedar City and along I-15, and go due west 10.14 miles there is a gun range out in the middle of nowhere with various ranges already built and berms built around the smaller ranges. There is also what appears to be an abandoned airstrip adjacent. There are Pistol, a 50 to 300 yard range and if you check the tracks made by vehicles, going slightly Northeast, and follow the tracks to the turn around points there is a berm built at 750 yards with a 4' x 4' target and another larger berm built at 1000 yards.

I checked the topography and from the shooting cover at the 300 yard range the ground slopes down from the shed at 5670' to a low drainage swale, climbs back up to 5662' at the 750 yard range and then on up to 5676 at the 1000 yard range. Clear shots all the way.

The site looks abandoned, but it is on State property so checked all the roads in the vicinity and except the gate on the west side of the range, isolating the airstrip, I couldn't find anything to keep you from just driving a few miles into the range off of Iron Springs road.

Anyone know anything about this range? Highway Patrol or State police training site?

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