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Dave King

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May 3, 2001
The scope survey thread sparked a creative need in me so I came up with a cheap, easy to repair scope. Here it is in all it's glory, several models to choose from too.

These scopes are durable, waterproof to several thousand feet for SCUBA use, field servicable and spare parts are available at any home repair or better hardware stores... (Sorry but the tactical models are not available for export!).

I'll start with the Long Range external adjustment model (user supplies rings and reticle).


Now the Long Range internal adjustment model (user supplies reticle in this model too).


(The image is perfectly clear, it's the scope that's a little fuzzy.)

There's also a Tactical series (of course). Notice the beefy three (3) piece main tube!

These models offer interchangable reticles with the choice being limited only buy your imagination and available junk string, nails, chicken wire, windows screen or whatever.

Short range tactical.


Long Range tactical.


One of the offered reticles, the 1" brad model. Notice the clarity of the scope, as if it had no glass at all! We're talking about 100% light transmission in this series of scopes.


Finally... also available in camo for the serious folks. (Slight ring marks, fingerprint smudges and paint runs are optional.)


Several added benefits of these scopes not previously mentioned.

1) There are no moving parts so nothing to get knocked out of adjustment!

2) They are 100% non metalic (depending on reticle material) so they can be carried covertly on any airline.

3) They can double as plumbing repair parts in a pinch... Easy to justify to the spouse!

4) There's no warranty card to fill out.

5) No one will ever steal your scope for use on their rifle.

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As soon as I saw the topic's title and the identity of the poster...I knew we were in for a treat!
Dave that's almost as nice as the one I made for my friend a few years ago when he couldn't afford a scope. It has a larger objective for better light gathering, large target knobs and an illuminated reticle. Here's the only pic I have when he recently mounted it on his rifle.
Heck of an idea
and priced right too

If a guy used a 2" tube,duckt tapet a piece of window screen over the end and glued a bubble level inside I bet a guy could use Horis Vision software to range........a long ways

All these years I've ben lookin for a cheap scope that would GETTER DONE and all the time I had it in my basement just waiting to be discovered

Well it looks like Dave's goter patended?Might have to send him the shipping and hadleing fee just to keep a clear contience.$42 is cheap for an idiot proof scope,I can always go back to blameing the gun again

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Your model looks pretty good, bulky though. Your's is probably better in the emergency fire starter more than mine though.

One thing nice about these scopes, they can be had in any color Krylon makes. The scopes are Fixed power too so no worry about MilDot power settings or reticle size changes.

I forgot to mention (someone pointed out the secondary option of using the scope as a backup weapon) that the External Adjust Long Range model can double as a blowgun and all models can be used to carry water in an emergency (or any situation where rain may be falling).

Price on any model is fixed at $6.00 (USD) and comes with an extra 7ft of main scope tube. Buyer pays shipping and handling fees of about $41.17 (non-refundable just like on the Home Shopping Channel). BUT for a limited time.... I'll just take the shipping and handling money and not send the scope, you save an extrodinary $6.00...100% of the purchase price!!! You can order as many like this an you want... so if you don't want 100 of the scopes just send 4,117.00 shipping and handling and I wont send you anything!!

Two more feature I forgot to mention. These scopes are completely ambidextrous, right or left handed simply buy rotating the scope the windage knob becomes the elevation knob. (Note that these knobs will not actually effect anything inside the scope so new users need not worry about being confused and turning the knobs the wrong direction and cause a miss.)
The scope is also bi-directional, the ocular and objective are dual purpose, just mount the scope in any orientation, big end toward the target or little end toward the target. This will not effect the apparent size of the objects viewed through the scope!

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If they do not use glass, then they do not need an ARD. Perfect for sunny Iraq. I sence a military contract coming your way.
Yeah mine is a little bulky but I hade it with a 40mm tube for max light transmission. I'll have to get Steve to get some pics of the illuminated mildot reticle I put in there
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