Heading off to Texas for Hog Hunting

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
Well, I'm nearly loaded up and ready to go.

I'm going to Knox County for a while then to some place in the southern part of the state to look at a BlackBuck.

I'm taking along my 338 RUM, my new GA Precision 308 M40A1 style rifle and a 1911 .45 for plinking. Also going to drag along a Springfield Armory M1A heavy barrel with SA 3rd Gen 7.62 scope. Going to try some night shooting.

I'll swing by Kansas City and stop at George Gardner's GA Precision shop and spend the night. ALso thinking about stopping over at BadLands Tactical Training Center for a quick chat.

Any of you Texans need some company while I'm down there speak up.

I don't know where you'll be in the "southern part of the state", but if your near San Antonio, e-mail me and we'll try a get together.

Be prepared for the weather. It was 18 degrees this morning. Supposed to warm up this weekend though.


You suck!!!... spend my money wisely!!!!

I'll try

I'll be headed out your way later this year I believe. The Navy will probably be sending me to Bremerton, WA for a few days. I don't fly anymore (in protest of the airline security ignorance) so they'll either pay for me to drive out or they'll need to tow Bremerton over here to Washington, DC.

Take care and don't spend too much! (BTW Did anyone mention to you that to get really accurate hand loads you been to use an Arbor style press and hand dies like the Wilson versions?

Shoot straight and often on your hunting trip. Are you taking your laptop just in case another posting contest begins while you are gone? Oh, I shouldn't have said anything, now the rest of us will have no chance to win!


Yeah... I guess with me out of the way there'll be a good chance for someone else.

That Sable Trophy from Saeed is VERY NICE. It's a limited edition sculpture from an RSA artist. Much nicer than I had envisioned from the photograph. My wife thought it was quite nice also but immediately stated that hunting and having one full size was NOT AN OPTION (I guess that means I'll need to beg and grovel more!).

I'll have my computer with me, it's a bit like a life support system for me.
Dave, I wanted to remind you that I am interested in trying the SMK in my 300 Win Mag but am concerned about its performance at close range quartering shots. I have an accurate load worked up for my rifle with the 220 SMK at 2830 fps. I wonder if I took a shot at a big black bear or elk at 25 yards through the shoulder or a full paunch would the bullet penetrate clear through the vitals and hopefully even exit (I really favor complete penetration)? You said you would report on your close range shots. Please keep us informed. Thanks, Rufous.
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