Has anyone tried the 30-404 JEFFERY

John,the 30-404 was tested with a 29.5 inch barrel on a Hall "G" action.The 300 Rum with a 26" barreled Stock sendero.I can in fact get very close.Within 25fps of the 30-404 they tested with a Rem action with a 30" barrel...

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Thanks Guys!

Maybe, I should be myself a 300 RUM with a 30" Barrel

Happy Holidays!
Boyd, what is the 300 tomahawk? I thought it was the Lazzeroni. The I looked and saw the Lazzeroni's Tomahawk is a 7mm short Mag.
I have a 30/404, but it is called a 30 HV and is from Dave Tooley. Not sure on all of the technical details(neck angle, case capacity) I dont load it too hot(want the cases to last as long as possible). Present load is WC872 94 gr. with a Sierra 240 match bullet. Another nice load is Sierra 200 gr with 95 gr H870. Not sure on velocity, but 200 gr load seems pretty quick. Hits the steel plate at 300 and 400 yards pretty quick.
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